The idea for SMPLX came in the summer of 2019 when one of the co-founders Graham posed a question on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in an all-in-one muscle builder. Co-founder Nathan quickly messaged Graham and they got to work on bringing you the perfect product to help you build muscle. 

In conjunction with professors at the University of Waterloo and tonnes of peer-reviewed articles SMPLX has come up with the best postworkout on the market. We have only added products proven to help boost muscle growth and nothing else. 

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Why did we do it?

When the Co-founders started going to the gym they noticed a problem; reliable information is hard to come by and there are no good all in one products on the market. Instead of just taking it for how it was they decided to make their own product and share it with the world. 

At SMPLX we haven't just made a product for consumers we have made a product for ourselves the amount of thought research gone into this is huge and we are proud to be helping people reach their goals safely and effectively.